Your Unconscious Drivers Are Causing The Frustration & Negative Events In Your Life

Today I want to speak to the unconscious drivers that each of you has in your brain. You see, your unconscious mind’s most important job is to keep you safe.

However, there are so many ways that ‘keeping you safe’ in certain ways has outlived its purpose.

EX: You find that you are pushing away people once they get ‘too close’ to you, but you don’t know why. This is especially common when one is really wanting to get into a relationship with that someone special.

What you don’t understand is that there was a time when you were much younger that you trusted someone to care for you, and they hurt you instead.

Or, maybe it was a matter that you found that you harmed a person who you cared about immensely and now you don’t trust yourself to be close to anyone for fear of repeating that pattern with them

The best way to clear these ‘no longer helpful to you unconscious drivers’ is through hypnotism because we are working right inside your subconscious mind where the transformations need to take place.

There are myriads of examples of why one may be holding weight they don’t want, why maybe one is starving and or binging and purging, why one is a sex addict and can’t find care to get rid of it because the professionals out there have no idea the true reason and purpose for this particular addiction — it goes back to the individual’s infancy — etc.

So, if you are finding yourself ‘stuck without options’ as every other thing you ever tried has failed, email me at; and write in the subject line: ***Intereseted in Finding out more about your services. and we will set up a video call to see what we can do to get you the relief you both desire and deserve. Because no one needs to live an unhappy and unfulfilling life — NO ONE! With 30 years of mental health experience and 20 years of successfully helping my client OVERCOME FOR GOOD their problems, it is time for you to take a stand for yourself, because if you don’t do it, who else is going to do it for you? AND YES IT DOES COST MONEY BECAUSE RECEIVING ANY PROFESSIONAL SERVICES DOES!

EMAIL ME AT: and write in the subject line: ***Interested in finding out more about your services.



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Suzanne Kellner-Zinck

Suzanne Kellner-Zinck

Hypnotism is Suzanne’s profession, specializing in working with kids and those with eating disorders and sex addiction.