Why Conventionally Medical Doctors Have No Patience for Those with Chronic Illness

Today I am going to speak to an issue that many people have to deal with, many of them in the health profession themselves. That is the issue of chronic illness that the conventionally trained doctors have no idea in how to help their patients heal.

I was listening to Mark Hyman’s Farmacy program where he was interviewing functional doctors on how they used functional medicine to help their patients clean their gut and in so doing stopped the symptoms of anger, aggression, OCD, depressive, and anxiety in their patients along with bloating and extra weight.

Mark is very clear that he entered the world of functional medicine as a result of mercury poisoning which he claims almost killed him 30 years ago. He had a few guests that he had interviewed over the years who also found their wy into functional medicine because of chronic ailments that were making their lives miserable that all the specialists’ docs could not help them clear.

However, the point of this post isn’t as much about the work that they each do to help their patients. It is based on a comment one of his guests made regarding the fact that doctors go through training that forces them to go without sleep, many eating junk food because they don’t have the time necessary to eat a decent diet, and are constantly rushing through their days to get everything done that needs to be accomplished during their workdays. In many cases they find themselves being emotionally abused by their attendant physicians. It was blatantly stated that certain patients who have been complaining of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and other conditions are seen as high maintenance because they are always complaining and nothing helps them to feel better. Believe it or not, they are trained to view these patients in this manner.

In other words, the doctors themselves have been broken down on many levels so that they come out of medical school broken which perhaps has something to do with the fact that they have less patience with those patients that have also been dehumanized by a system that has no clear way of helping them, blaming them for the medical system’s failure.

Over the years I have heard many stories from clients who have been dealing with these sorts of symptoms whose doctors have made them feel like it was their fault that they had these problems and that most of it were in their head anyway.

I have a question for you: How would you be feeling if you already were feeling exhausted, in pain and all your doctor could do was tell you that it was all in your head, when in fact the problem was in your gut with an unbalanced microbiota? Because this is but one reason why patients may be having the symptoms they are having.

The brain and gut are very closely connected so if the gut isn’t getting the nutrients or able to metabolize the nutrients necessary to produce the neurotransmitters to help the person with emotional regulation, and mental clarity there is going to be a problem — probably several. However, if there is heavy metal poisoning as was the case with Dr. Hyman, or overgrowth of bacteria or fungi, there will be symptoms that will make the patient very uncomfortable like distention of the stomach through bloating, which brings on extra weight among other things.

Doctors need to wake up to the fact that great majority of their patients are not there to make their lives miserable — they are in pain, not getting enough sleep due to the underlying issues that these conventionally trained docs have zero idea in how to treat because they are never taught the root causes of the symptoms — they merely hand out prescriptions to take care of the symptoms and most often that fails.

Learning: If you are a person who is suffering from aches and pains, distention of your stomach with lots of gas, and mood dysregulation and lack of mental clarity that are not based on emotional distress it is time for you to invest in getting a functional doctor. They look at the body as a whole organism with many interactive parts instead of looking at one organ and trying to heal it as the conventionally trained doctors do. Many of them find their way into functional medicine because their western-trained doctors had no idea how to help them heal. I know that insurance does not cover much of what they do. However, as a person who has gone through her own health issues, and seen many of my clients deal with theirs, it is more than worth it to get your health and wellbeing back, because, without your health, your life is much more distressing than it need be.

Hypnotism is Suzanne’s profession, specializing in working with kids and those with eating disorders and sex addiction.