What Exactly is it That We Are Experiencing These Days: My Assessment

Today, I want to speak to how we rise above the incitement of idiocy by our governments and the huge companies that control them — because the reality is that the government will do what will bring in the most money to those who are in power to keep them in power.

Folks, this is indeed the manner in which the world works whether or not you want to believe it. This understanding was brought to me as a result of being in the Peace & Conflict Management Master’s degree program here at the International School at the University of Haifa. The whole point was to learn how to work with the nation-states and non-nation states (UN, IMF, WHO, etc, Palestinian Authority, Hezballah, Fatah, etc. through diplomacy, negotiation, mediation, and facilitation as a ‘peace maker’ on the intranational and international levels.

You see, you don’t learn the true history as to why things occurred the way they did in history class, because there is this thing known as ‘propaganda’ which is literally the knowledge — the stories that your government wants you to learn in school putting your country and its founders and leaders in the most positive light possible while demonizing the countries (and by default the citizens of those countries) even though all the while each of the rich countries has been responsible for the repression of the citizens and stealing of natural resources in poorer countries. It is the nature of man to desire riches to gain ever more power — sad as that sounds to you — it is the way of the civilizations all through time — it is the explanation as to why so many previous most powerful civilizations of their time crashed — why the strongest lost their power to other nations through time.

We are going through a time similar to that which occurred with the breaking up of US Steel as the conglomerate which had too much power and was controlling the interests of too many people. We are on the cusp of a similar thing occurring with the leaders of the greatest companies with the most profit and reach these days — and soon they too will be crashing under the myopic view that they have for their desire to take over the world — yet, there are other powers — those of the people who will crush them as has happened all through the ages. History does not lie — it is just that the masses do not know their history because they are not taught the truth — they are initiated into the myths the government wants you to believe.

This becomes obvious to those who are willing to actually travel the world learning of the cultures of others as I did learning directly from the Palestinian and Arab students here at the University of Haifa, who I do believe know their history much better than a reform Jew from Westchester County, NY.

That is but one tiny example of myths told to push a certain agenda, demonizing people and their right to live where they always have for thousands of years — through the politics behind this whole mess known as the ‘Palestinian Crisis’ is the real problem quite frankly — much of it to not with the land as much as the way in which those in power who control what is happening on both sides who are putting up lots of walls both physically and interpersonally to keep the two peoples separated. It is much easier to teach hatred if one can never learn about others.

And, yet it was indeed a Palestinian construction worker who helped me get back to the university by being able to tell the student advocate exactly where I was located in the midst of the Arab area of Haifa, around 4 PM my first Friday in Isreal, after the buses and cabs stopped running for Shabbat. He walked me to a landmark where the student advocate was able to pick me up more easily. It also needs to be noted that this Palestinian waited with me for the whole 45 minutes it took for the advocate to get to me before going back to his workplace because he was not going to be able to get back to his home in the West Bank.

The most important thing that one can do to rise above the insanity of this world, is to be willing to get educated by those who have zero financial interests in their taking their stand for what they believe. It is by realizing that you have a brain with which to critically think. You have inborn perceptions that tell you what is healthy and what is not — pay attention to those cues your body is giving you for they are there for your bodily and emotional wellbeing. One needs to be much more mindful of one’s own responsibility for one’s health and wellbeing and that means being informed by those who are unwilling to stand for the taking over of your own mind with repeated messaging that is based on NOTHING but ill-conceived concepts that have NO basis in science or reality as is known in the world of ‘the true nature of things.’

It is up to each of us to make those decisions that are correct for ourselves and our families if we have one. It is up to use to make those decisions, not upon the propaganda and ill will of others, but on the information that has been proven and is being hidden from you because those with power don’t want you to know it — and yet, it is indeed out there — as the article below demonstrates the reality of how damaging mask-wearing is not only for our physical and emotional health but for the ecological health of our planet given what they are made of microplastics — the same thing that is creating the damage of those who continue to buy and use bottled water with the breakdown of the plastics in the land and worse in the ocean where the sea life is consuming it.

We need to think much deeper and critically to be certain that we have the authority over our own lives — and that takes more work than many are willing to do — and yet, if we do not do this self-education, we will find ourselves in situations beyond your own control — you are feeling it right now actually in how we humans are being caged in our homes — away from the sunlight and nature which our bodies need. We need the vitamin D from sunlight for over 400 bodily functions and nature for physical, emotional, and spiritual health — think about this folks! Think deeply and completely about what you are living and if you signed up for any of it…




Hypnotism is Suzanne’s profession, specializing in working with kids and those with eating disorders and sex addiction.

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Suzanne Kellner-Zinck

Suzanne Kellner-Zinck

Hypnotism is Suzanne’s profession, specializing in working with kids and those with eating disorders and sex addiction.

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