This is Where Real Power Comes From

It is during the calm quiet hours of the morning that I get a lot of things done, one of which is to fortify my mind with a message that is so strong, so relevant, so heartfelt that it warms my heart. It is really the one thing in the morning that helps to fortify my mind that there are indeed really great people who take the hardstand for something that this world is missing today — if we concentrate on all the negativity as portrayed by the too large propaganda machines that are taking over the minds of too many in this world — well those who have access in any case.

This Ted Talk came up in my video feed today and I do believe it represents the best in all of us — and certainly is a message that we humans need to hear, digest, and manifest inside ourselves if we want a world that is worth living in. The name of the Ted Talk is “Building Power Where You Seemingly Don’t Belong” by Zulfat Suara, a Nigerian Muslim woman who gained a political seat in the bible belt area of Tennessee. She speaks to those most important ‘powers’ one needs to develop in life in order to succeed as she did by bringing her community together in collaboration for the best it can offer its citizens — regardless of their identity, in whatever form it may be.

I promise that if you take the time to watch this 17-minute video, you will have your heart warmed, your values recalled, and your mind opened about the possibilities that each of us can create if we were only willing to take a stand for what we believe, especially when it seems to go against our first uneducated inclinations.

Here is the link to the video. You will be very happy you chose to watch it:

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