Lessons From Moving On…to Another Country

Today is the Friday before the Tuesday when I am finally leaving my present home here at the University of Haifa. There are many things that are going through my mind, most of the usual when one is going to another exotic place to which one has never been, onto new experiences with new people.

I knew when I came here to the University of Haifa, that though I didn’t speak Hebrew that it was a protected place in that the International School was there to help all the foreign students with anything that they needed to get done — and I certainly did need a few rather important things taken care of through the school during my time here. I also had a few of Israeli folks who helped along the way. One who made it much easier and less expensive to purchase a new battery for my iPhone than what it would have cost at the fancy mall store that I believe was intent on selling me a new one — which was NOT happening.

You see, one needs to be resourceful when one is living outside of one’s comfort zone, quite literally. But that is the joy of travel — knowing that one can overcome the obstacles that come up and get those things attended to that need to be attended to anyway. It helps a person grow in ways that staying in one’s usual environment never can allow for.

And, in a few days, I am going to be dealing with the travel during these times of masks and other logistics that I have no idea how to approach. However, I do have folks who are willing to help along the way. The gentleman who manages the hotel near the airport has already helped me with some of the logistics and will be needing to help me to figure out where I can get the viral test so that I can get on the plane out of here.

One has to ask for that which one needs, something that many people find really hard to do. Let me tell you something: If you are in a foreign place and you have no idea what you are supposed to do, the only way to find out is to ask someone — maybe a few someones till you find a person who speaks your language and is willing to help you to get the thing done. Which again is one of the more important aspects of international travel. It truly humbles one in ways that one can only experience in this manner when a stranger helps you with a smile.

I am grateful to be able to move to a new environment where people still have the right to free movement without masks. (I hate them because I know there is a huge number of bacteria that are formed in them as it is a moist dark place, perfect for them to grow never mind the fact that they are uncomfortable and really do not do what they are said to do — the virus is too small to be kept from them quite frankly. One is much better being outside — in the fresh air where the healing benefit of Vitamin D is to be received by one’s body — is the best method for helping immunity. However, I will have to deal with them for the 18 hours or so of the trip. And, trust me when I land in the Dominican Republic, I will kiss the ground for the freedom I will have there. Freedom that is no longer allowed in the Western Countries, sadly.

I will be living among like-minded people who believe in the sovereignty of our bodies and minds, and who are also involved in holistic healing — right there on the beach where the healing agents of saltwater air, fresh food, and plenty of sunshine with a gentle breeze are the norm.

I don’t speak Spanish so I will be needing a lot of help to navigate my life there as well. However, I will have the hotel staff and owners to help with all of that as well. Because, one thing that one needs to know when one is traveling to places where one doesn’t speak the language, is that there are people who can help you navigate the situations as they arise.

So, what are you doing to protect your rights, your freedoms, your need to be in a healthy and positive place? What are you doing to be able to be mentally and emotionally strong? Because, I will tell you that unless you do what you need to do — which may not mean taking the drastic measures I have chosen — you will find yourself feeling quite beaten down by a system that is doing its best to do just that to all who are unwilling to conform to the draconian measures being taken to divide and demonize those of us who are unwilling to bend to manipulated and false information that is being spread as truth. The reality is that none of it is true — not one speck of it when one knows how to better understand the manipulation of numbers, use of devices that were never made to do what they were forced to do all in an effort to create compliance.

My sincere hope for all who read this message is that they take back their own minds by critically thinking through what they are being told to protect that temple of yours that is your own sentient body.

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