How I Run My Client Sessions & Why

Do you know what makes for a spectacular day for me? It’s having client sessions that bring about beautiful learnings with healthy new perspectives demonstrating the letting go of past negative emotions. This is how the client is going to be able to more easily move into their compelling future.

Unlike many mental health practitioners, I don’t sell by the hour — not at all. I sell the program that is best suited for each client based on the number of negative events that need to be cleared, along with other clearing techniques. I add in their compelling future which is really the objectives for their treatment based on what they want to create for their own lives. When they are well on their way to achieving their compelling future they know they are ready to terminate the sessions.

The process that I use is very intensive and certainly not for everyone because we go very quickly into the healing work with much longer sessions to begin to get that done ASAP. After that, they do weekly or bi-monthly appointments working on building healthy emotional boundaries and learning how to move forward in their lives to have a quality of life that is so amazing that when they began, they couldn’t even see it — true for the majority — but not all of my clients.

It takes time for the organic unfolding to occur during each session and as such, I set up the time frame for each appointment to allow that to happen. Because, I learned from my dad, the dentist while working at his side, that there is no reason to rush a process — rather it is best to take your eyes off the clock and do what needs to be done in the time it takes to do an excellent job. This philosophy of delivering health care has certainly worked very well for my clients over the almost 2 decades that I have been doing hypnotism.

There is a lot to be said about this way of doing the work — for both myself and the client — just taking our time to do what is healthiest for the client.

Because my goal at the end of each client session is for my client to feel ‘lighter and brighter’ after each appointment. I am able to get that achieved regardless of any emotional distress during the appointment about 95% of the time because I leave the time necessary to heal it all before I end the session. Something that is mandatory so far as I am concerned.

You see, there are many ways that people can practice their healing modality and you need to figure out which works best for you as the person employing the practitioner who is working with you.



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Suzanne Kellner-Zinck

Suzanne Kellner-Zinck

Hypnotism is Suzanne’s profession, specializing in working with kids and those with eating disorders and sex addiction.