How Does Hypnotism Work

Suzanne Kellner-Zinck
3 min readDec 12, 2022

Hypnotism requires many things but as Larry Elman stated breathing is not always an important aspect of having people enter the hypnotic state such as when one uses instant inductions — meaning the person is put into a trance in a matter of 10 seconds or less.

That being better understood there are many ways to induce someone into a trance state besides the instant induction which is used during the stage shows because the audience is not interested in watching the volunteers go into trance — I have seen some of the more talented stage craft hypnotists do it with a person merely reading one line on a paper that was handed from one volunteer to the next with the induction occurring as instantly as can happen — like as quickly as reading one line of type.

I do a take on the Dave Elman induction (Larry’s father) who is the hypnotist I believe was the best at the art of helping people heal with hypnotism and he was a ‘lay’ hypnotist — meaning he didn’t have any licensure to practice medicine or mental health, yet taught thousands of dentists and doctors how to help their patients heal through offering workshops all around the US where the medical pros would bring their hardest cases for Dave Elman to demonstrate how true healing is done!

The induction that I used takes a matter of 2 or so minutes and I do indeed include a few deep breaths that are held for a few seconds before exhaling because this act calms the brain naturally with the oxygenation of the blood in the brain. From there I begin the actual induction into hypnotism.

Others love to use progressive relaxation which I personally feel is a waste of therapeutic time because as the late great Jerry Kien (who learned much of how to do hypnotism in the fashion of Dave Elman’s work) stated when you can put a person into a deep trance in 2 minutes, why waste a half hour doing that? Great question and one that many need to better understand because relaxation occurs as soon as the person is in a trance so one needn’t waste all that time.

So, to understand how one is led into a hypnotic trance state, it is all about heightened focus, and giving suggestions that prove beyond a doubt that the person is in an altered state, i.e. the trance state by having them experience interesting sensory input that a conscious (person who is in the normal waking state of the brain operating in beta wavelength) would never be able to create without the trance state where the brain waves are slowed down to alpha (like when one suspends reality such as when engrossed in a great novel or movie) or theta where they are more deeply entranced and can perceive things that aren’t in front of them, yet they see them anyway, or don’t see those things in front of them given the suggestion that the individual cannot see the object being asked about.

However, the best reason to learn how to use hypnotism is to empower yourself to do those things that you do want to do and to stop doing those things that you realize are against your best interests. To be able to understand when others are playing with your brain and stop it at once because there are many folks out there who understand how to use the hypnotic state to get you to do things they want you to do most especially the marketers on the television and computers, the internet pornographers (I specialize in helping sex addicts and wrote a book on this subject so learned how the pornographers get their viewers to do things that they never had any interest in doing before and can’t figure out how that happened to them), politicians, and religious leaders especially on the internet and television who are asking their viewers to donate money that the viewer may not even have for that purpose. These folks hypnotize you without your even realizing it by repeating endlessly to you in a very emotional manner to get you to act! And, that is indeed how many people end up with the emotional and physical problems they have, by having authority figures yell at them putting them into a heightened emotional state, usually when a person is under the age of 8 when they can’t reason, judge, rationalize, or understand the other person was just upset with someone else before they entered the home and just took out that upset on the poor kid who was there at the time.



Suzanne Kellner-Zinck

Hypnotism is Suzanne’s profession, specializing in working with kids and those with eating disorders and sex addiction.