Feeling Overwhelmed? Ready to Take Action to Overcome it, NOW!

This wasn’t supposed to happen!

Several months/years ago, I had a client, who I will call Janice. She came to me because though she was doing well in her position as a CEO for a multinational company, yet, she had a very difficult time dealing with the lack of self-esteem from the negative interactions with her parents. She was an only child, and did very well in business as a way to ‘prove her parents wrong’ yet, her mind was still running with the negative commentary that was going through her head all the time. Though this was a problem for her, her husband was even more put off with the manner in which she would become a ‘little girl’ while with her father who was treating her more like his then deceased wife wanting her to cook for him, etc. It was causing issues in her marriage.

It should be noted that her husband had to almost force her up the stairs to my office because she was very uncertain that this hypnosis thing would work for her though interestingly enough she loved going to Tony Robbins events. They had been to many over the past years.

For Janice’s part, she knew that she could handle anything at her job but acknowledged that she was lost at home.

After a few months of working together, her husband called to let me know that she had finally told her dad that she wasn’t his wife and that it was time for him to find a different way to get his gravy made (pasta sauce).

About a year later she went through a very difficult time dealing with her boss — the same guy that hired her a couple of years prior. He was intimidating her and making her life miserable. We processed what was going on and she was able to get a better job with much less travel inside of a year.

Since then she has left that job for an even better opportunity which she did on her own. She has been doing very well since then in every area of her life.

There are many C-level executives who are going through very difficult times, feel all alone because there are few people who can relate to their problems.

Being able to help people such as this client is something that I really love to do. It is no fun feeling all alone in the world not believing that anyone can relate to your particular issues. Or, perhaps you feel that it is inappropriate to get the help you need to push past those difficult situations in your life.

I am running an online 12-week program specifically for those who are invested in making every session live because that is where the true work is going to take place. And, for those who are willing to invest in learning from their past, living in their present, creating their future the way they want it.

And, while I can’t promise that this happens for all

of my clients as quickly as it happened for Janice,

I have discovered that if you want your life to change for the better letting go of whatever is holding you down in a limited amount of time with the high level of guidance, I can promise anyone who is willing to do go full in as Janice did, can have a much happier an more fulfilling life.

So… if you or someone you know who has been really struggling with not feeling as if they were an imposture, unable to advocate for themselves in a healthy and productive manner, or just is full of anger, sadness, fear, guilt, or feeling unworthy of what life has to offer please check out the information page to find out the specifics right here:


I look forward to setting up a time to see speak with you and find out if you believe this is a good fit for you!

Hypnotism is Suzanne’s profession, specializing in working with kids and those with eating disorders and sex addiction.