Dealing with Mental Health Issues Based on Rick Roll’s Interview with Tim Ferriss

Suzanne Kellner-Zinck
2 min readAug 2, 2023

I watched an interview with Tim Ferriss by Rich Roll where they were speaking about dealing with emotional trauma, depression, and bipolar disorder.

Tim made a couple of important comments during the interview.

First, one needs to be ready to do the deep work to be able to heal. This really speaks to the fact that one has been willing to deal with one’s emotions instead of just intellectualizing them which will not help anyone heal.

Second, being as successful as Tim is, he spoke to the fact that when he had achieved all his goals including a very fine living, and still felt the same way, meaning depressed, he realized that this was something that he had to put his time and effort into dealing with, with professionals that could help him. He acknowledged trying all sorts of healing modalities, some with warnings like using psychedelics as some folks are doing without the necessary support to make sure it is done safely.

The main message here is that one cannot continue to defer treatment forever believing that one can become a workaholic as Tim did, because it will come back and really hit one hard! In Tim’s case, it was being in a 10-Day meditation retreat where memories of abuse came up that had been repressed for a long time, though he was also careful to state that our memories are not always a reflection of reality. This is absolutely true given how our subconscious mind deletes and therefore distorts our memories.

He also spoke of the need for real physical exercise daily, which the research certainly has found is as effective as antidepressants, in many cases even better as we have found that the notion of serotonin not being an integral part of depressive states which is why serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) only work as well as a placebo — about 30% success which leaves a 70% failure rate. You can check out the work of Dr. Irving Kirsch out of Harvard University and Dr. Walter Brown out of Brown University and the article

Here is an NIH article on exercise relieving depression:

Here is where you can access the interview with Tim Ferriss:



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