Creating Your Own Life The Way You Want It: Especially NOW!

Suzanne Kellner-Zinck
4 min readMay 3, 2022


Given all the scare tactics in the western world, I would like to offer you the idea of actually focusing on living a happy and fulfilling life. That is indeed what the mission of my hypnosis company, Dawning Visions Hypnosis is all about, “Setting souls free to live their purpose, on purpose.” Because living our purpose does bring one a fulfilled life which automatically brings us happiness.

One cannot enjoy one’s life if one is always living in fear. However, one can make the decision to live a life that is full of those things that one loves to do.

For me, it is about meeting and working with the coolest people in the world. Many of these people are doing amazing things in service to others, yet few know about their great works because they aren’t all over the media. The people I worked with were in Uganda and Nairobi — beautiful countries in Eastern Africa.

Before that much of my early travel was about being in training to learn how to better help my clients. However, the side effect of all that training was helping me heal my own issues — very cool indeed! These travels brought me to Australia and New Zealand, and across the US many times.

However, later in my life, my travels have much more to do with just being able to meet everyday people living life in a contented and loving way. I have found such people in the developing world more than anywhere else, all working together to be able to live.

You see, most people from the Western world think of visiting the icons of the western world — and though one can certainly see some awesome sights and beaches, to my mind that gets really boring. It is the culture and the people that make a place great. So you won’t see me visiting the normal places in Western Europe unless it is to fly through as a transit. You will see me going to more off-the-beaten-path places because that is where the true culture is lived.

I left the Western World quite on purpose, unwilling to engage with the lack of morals or values as I understand them. And, I invite you to think about what it is that you would like your life to be and how you want to live it.

We all have the ability to figure out what we truly want to be doing with our time and to make a plan to do it. For me, it is nothing more than making a decision to go somewhere for some purpose and purchasing a flight to get there, and renting an Airbnb or hotel room upon arrival. I figure out the rest from speaking to the locals.

It should be noted that I have traveled the world during COVID and have never gotten any of it. My guess is that is because I have been living in sunny countries with real food, with a happy demeanor, never allowing the mass hypnosis of the masses, especially during my time in Isreal when all this broke out — to invade my own knowledge of how viruses and our bodies work. Hell, I have been involved in the medical world for my entire life from the age of 13 when I had my first paying job at a vet hospital. Even at that young age, I was taught how to read the stool and blood samples for worms, so my practical medical education goes really far back.

It is when we realize that we have the power to choose what we concentrate our attention on and what we choose to ignore, that we have the power to create our lives the way we want them. It is really quite simple, yet few people know or understand the truth of how our brains actually work.

I invite you to start living your own dreams before you are unable. This was one of the most important lessons I learned from 95-year-old Millie Aiken back in 1996 — she is long gone: Never live your life with any resentments or regret. I have lived my life on those two premises from that time forward. Thank you Millie wherever your soul is at now. This is more important for our well-being and overall health now than when she taught me all those years ago.

Write down what you want to be doing with your time, because it is in how we spend our time that our life is lived. Then make a plan to put it into action and do it! We only have only life we know for sure, so best you get on with living yours on your own terms, or somebody else’s agenda will take it away — but only if you allow that to happen. The choice is yours, and yours alone.



Suzanne Kellner-Zinck

Hypnotism is Suzanne’s profession, specializing in working with kids and those with eating disorders and sex addiction.