Brand New Group On Linkedin For State Licensed Healthcare Professionals

I have been dismayed at the changes in how professionals use their groups here on Linkedin. Sadly, it has evolved into an advertising platform more than what it was in 2002 when I began interacting on the platform when ‘best practices’ were being learned from others. I have been dismayed with this change given the many really excellent professionals in the larger mental health groups who truly did their best to answer questions from their colleagues who needed more help in helping their more challenging patients.

Of course, there were a few who would overrun our boundaries telling us that what we were saying was breaking some rule of professional conduct.

I will tell you right here right now — the people who are brave enough to ask for help, and those who are willing to spend their own time helping others need not hear from those of you who don’t get it. That behavior will get you removed on the first incidence! I am not paranoid some patients will see the content as this is a group for LICENCED MEDICAL & MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS and even if it were not, to believe we can control our world in this day of AI is ridiculous. GET OVER IT!

This group was created so we could help one another help our patients/clients through the combined expertise of everyone in this group.

I will be posting a lot of content to do with the mind-body-spirit connection as I came into the world of hypnotism, neuro-linguistic programming, and Time Line Therapy (R) (created by Tad James which is different than Time Line taught at the National Guild of Hypnotists) after being dismayed with the treatment that I and many of my mental health clients received during our courses of treatment in the conventional world of medical/mental health care back in the early 1990s entering the world of the hypnotic arts myself in 2002.

It is my hope that this group will help those of you who came to the world of licensed healthcare to truly help your patients and clients to heal to do exactly that without ever having to defend your right to learn whatever proven techniques will help you to do just that!

You can read about my own 3 stories of healing using the hypnotic arts here:

I look forward to teaching you and learning from each of you as we continue our journeys in healthcare together. #mentalhealth #medical #mentalhealthmatters #bedsidemanner #patientcare #patientsafety #mentalhealthawareness


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Suzanne Kellner-Zinck

Hypnotism is Suzanne’s profession, specializing in working with kids and those with eating disorders and sex addiction.