Are You Ready to Stop the Divisiveness & Toxic Behavior Over Things You Can’t Possibly Know About Others?

Today, I came across a lovely post by my ex-husband stating that he was giving up his beloved hybrid car — one that has safely gotten him and his wife up and down the east coast regardless of the terrible weather that they encountered — and they were donating it to an organization that was going to fix it up and give it to someone who is truly in need of it. I was truly heartened by that post.

That was until I came across a Linkedin survey that once again was asking questions of their contacts about how they felt about those who got the injection and those who wouldn’t get the injection.

One of the reasons that I am ever so grateful to be in a country where this subject isn’t spoken about — and even if it is, I can’t understand it because I don’t speak Spanish is because I don’t have to be exposed to this ongoing cruelty and idiocy!

Do you people realize another person’s medical history is none of your business? That the HIPPA laws in the US are in place to keep anyone from knowing your medical business because it is PRIVATE!

Do you realize that there are people in the world who have many very good reasons for the choices they make and that it is none of your business be it medical or otherwise?

However, I am going to bring this to light with a much larger concept so that all of you people who just know that you are correct about your input really do not understand and why it is causing a lot of emotional and even physical pain for many of those you say you care so much about.

There is a concept in the world of social psychology that speaks to the concept of ‘in-group’ those who are correct and anyone who feels differently than they are the ‘out-group.’ This is exactly why we have those entities called ‘gangs’ who cause so much mayhem for not only those who are not included in there particular ‘in-group’ but those who are harmed because of the destructive behavior they demonstrate to hold onto those areas that they believe are their ‘turf.’ Now, my guess is that you do not believe in the concept of gangs or what they stand for, but this behavior that many are demonstrating is creating the same truly psychologically toxic behavior.

This is in fact how Hitler got to power with his charismatic, dare I say the hypnotic manner of speaking to all those who wanted to blame the ‘out-group’ for the terrible financial situation the country was in after WWI. This happened because the good people of Germany had no idea the mayhem and killing that the German government was involved in because of Germany’s infiltration and killing of many millions of people all over Europe before they even had the death camps up and running. All they knew was that hyperinflation had hit and that no amount of money was able to get their basic needs taken care of — so there had to be an ‘out-group actually a few of them to be honest — because it wasn’t only the Jews who were killed during WWII in the death camps — it was the developmentally disabled, gypsies and anyone who did not have the lily-white skin and blue eyes of the ‘best race’ in Hitler’s very sick eyes.

So, let me ask you to ponder this question? How could you possibly know if a person has a genetic problem that would create more issues if they took the injection? How about this thing that has always been respected in the world of virology for the past 50 years called ‘antibody protection’ from having developed and healed from the infection — check out google scholar for the peer-reviewed articles in the medical journals through the ages (before the 1990s to be sure to have real information instead of the tripe that is considered empirical these days) to learn about this if you have never heard of it before.

How about people with autoimmune illnesses that could be triggered in very distressing ways. Young teens and 20something males who could develop heart issues that could lead to their demise?

How about all those people who are already feeling so isolated, alone, depressed, and anxious — many younger people were feeling this way before this situation was created. The numbers have been swelling to the degree that I hear from my colleagues in mental health back in the US that they can’t keep up with the kids (and even the adults who have lost their jobs, their businesses, their livelihoods) through the catastrophic measures being taken to curb the problem?

If you actually give a damn about those whom you say you love and care about, how about doing something to actually help other people as my ex did with the donation of his car? How about minding your own business and taking care of your own issues before threading on others’ lives where you never belonged? Just a thought to help those of you better understand that you are NOT helping anyone with your incessant and misinformed guidance. The only thing that you are accomplishing is to make the world a hell of a lot less safe for those who are for whatever their reasons, fail to share your beliefs. And, to be quite honest, if you are allowed your opinion, so are those who have their own reasons for disagreeing with you not only on this subject but any subject at all — that is what allows people to be interesting to relate with BUT only if it is done in a respectful and loving manner and if both parties agree to have the conversation in the first place — and ONLY THEN!

Hypnotism is Suzanne’s profession, specializing in working with kids and those with eating disorders and sex addiction.