Today, I want to share a very important interview of Dr. Malone in which he shares the geopolitics behind the issues we are all dealing with today. He is speaking to the medical ethics involved, why we need to care about them inside the much larger picture of what is going on from the viewpoint of a medical doctor and scientist who has chosen to speak out for your edification so you can retain autonomy over your own body. Here is the link to the interview from my website so that you can get the truth if you so care to truly understand why what is happening in the world today if you so choose.

Today I want to shift gears into a very positive light — something that I did for my birthday last year because of all the negative commentary regarding ‘new realities’ which people were being faced. Just a few weeks ago I once again had a birthday on September 24th, a…

How I Run My Client Sessions & Why

Do you know what makes for a spectacular day for me? It’s having client sessions that bring about beautiful learnings with healthy new perspectives demonstrating the letting go of past negative emotions. …

Here is a video that I just created on my FB page. It is based on the learnings that I have gathered over the past 60 years of my life which I trust will help you perceive your life in a different manner than the Western world’s way of living because it is way too shallow and destructive to one’s own sense of self. Here is the post: #mentalhealth #careerjourney #careercounseling #livingyourbestlife #livingonpurpose #beingmindful

Suzanne Kellner-Zinck

Hypnotism is Suzanne’s profession, specializing in working with kids and those with eating disorders and sex addiction.

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